Bud McClure

Bud McClure

One thing in life - JESUS. I want what He wants: salvations, healings, signs & wonders and mighty deeds. We have not because we ask not.
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  • #Lust murders. #LOVEWINS, that is the love of Jesus found ONLY in the #Bible. The Bible is God's (His Name is #Jesus) greatest gift to us.
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  • How can we forsake the Lord our God? EASY. We turn our backs on His Word, shoulder up w/the god of this age and then ... all hell breaks loose.
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  • Unless I've got the Holy Ghost coursing thru my veins and overflowing thru my flesh, I'm a good for nothing popper. Read John 7:37-38. #HolyGhostBaptism
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  • Jesus will NEVER lie to us! If we will pray the prayer of faith, He will raise up the sick. I had a contractor at my house on Sunday morning. I found out he had become ill with a stomach sickness in November from eating bad meat. He had to be hospitalized. Since getting out of the hospital, he has been living with great stomach pain. He can longer eat most any food, no dairy, meats, etc. He has only been able to eat a mild soup and drink water. No coffee - OH MY! He also started getting pain in his legs the last few weeks - whole body. I laid hands on him and prayed the prayer of faith and then thanked God for his healing. I told him go ahead and eat met, drink coffee and do the things he could not do the last two months because he is healed. Three days later, NO PAIN anywhere! Praise the Lord! Let's pray for every sick person we encounter. Our God is WONDERFUL!!!
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  • GLORY!

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  • As Christians, since we CANNOT lose in Jesus Name, you might as well go right at it. No needs to temper or shy away from stating your true intentions in the market, with customers, prospects, your family, at church or anywhere. Be bold.
    We come to bring the love of Jesus everywhere we go.
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  • If your company doesn't appreciate & give the "thumb's up" for you to be "you", jump ship. Your boss should smile BIG when you say "I've got an idea."

    Perhaps the greatest value prop you bring is your personal genius. It's not perfect but it's 100% unique. No one can pitch like you. It's your #DNA, your "one & only " awesome personality. Raw organic flair. I get it, not everyone is going to like it & buy it. But some will. And I bet these buyers will be life-long friends and loyal #customers! Isn't that what you're after? The intriguing way you connect, the data you mine & present and the powerful actions you take produce rare and scarce value to the market. This is you! Maybe we should scrap the thought of being liked and be unapologetically authentic.

    Which begs the question - are you uniquely brilliant? And thus impossible to be replaced? No one loves the client, solves the client's problems & exceeds the client's needs LIKE YOU DO. If we are not the first person that the market thinks about when our sector is being discussed, but shame on us, right?

    We MUST be uniquely THE BEST. This Thanksgiving will be a hard marker for advancement. God bless & happy #thanksgiving!
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  • How can you celebrate thanksgiving without Jesus? Who are you thankful to? Thanksgiving without Jesus is like the beach without the ocean. Praise the Lord!
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  • If Jesus can't trust you with $100k, how could He ever trust you with $300k or $1m? GIVE the tithe to Jesus or you're cursed!
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  • Powerful duo
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