I just saw a thing on a very famous person talking about how fame isn’t good for us humans. And how when becoming famous it removes obstacles for you and that the friction and obstacles are what actually make you grow. And I try to always pay attention and pull things out to learn from and I think this is very true is every faucet of every life. Of course I stopped and thought for a moment and then the words flood on me. I actually have an irrational fear of becoming famous and a best friend said, “Let’s not worry about that till you get closer to it” I actually have very little fear in my life, I don’t live by it. Aside from fear of my sick days where my body just shuts down, like yesterday, or fear of heat, which is a mental process unlike the other day when I got heat exhaustion, close to heat stroke. And back to topic at hand, thinking about obstacles and friction relates to the crutches we have in our lives whether it be drugs or alcohol or other things, a lot of these don’t necessarily remove the obstacle but they remove the friction for a time and it doesn’t allow us to grow. A little bit of this is referring to some extreme cases where the crutches I’m aware of become #1 and growth stops completely. I’m going to tell a little funny inside story of how I was speaking with a friend and she was referring to many people coping with alcohol in her world and drugs in people that I’m trying to help and she was giving me a little chuckle that Jake’s items of coping are sugar and watching videos with heart that make me laugh. Like that’s the extreme I go to is sugar, that’s my crutch of choice which…I actually buy it, but then don’t really eat it. But yes, haha, sugar is what I need to remove to be a healthier individual and as with most my “stories” I tell I have to end it with, aaaah nevermind, you had to be there. Back on track it was just a reminder that friction and most definitely obstacles in our lives absolutely, hopefully, make and or allow us to grow if we can see these things as something to learn and then grow from and not see them as blockades. There are books, help programs, family and friends and of course the Bible to look to for help. As with everything I’m posting lately, I hope certain people and any other person sees this and it might help them to ponder a moment on their situations. Thank you and good night…or good morning depending on when this is read.
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