MyJesusID was developed to create a safe place where Christians around the world could connect, message one another and share their story. Forever connections and a means of communication.

Seeds are sown, new life starts and the Kingdom advances when we speak and write of the goodness of God. The Kingdom of God gets feet and the devil is harassed when speak and share the wonders of God occurring in our lives, here, now and in the future. Investigative journalism has uncovered that the big brand social media giants are not champions of the Kingdom of God and are not the most trustworthy places for Christians to connect and share. Many Christian influencers’ social media profiles, pages and communication’s history have been silenced by restrictions and termination of their accounts. These big brand social media giants are not interested in the Name of Jesus being lifted up in our world. Therefore, welcome to MyJesusID.

Your account on MyJesusID is safe. Your data, emails and connections will never be harvested, scrubbed and sold. Your shares on MyJesusID will never be deleted (unless your share is flagged by other users as evil, unsavory or anti-Christ), monitored or forwarded. Your MyJesusID is your new medium to make life-long, secure connections.

Why did we choose "MyJesusID"? The Bible declares to followers of Jesus that we are temples of the Holy Ghost. Jesus lives inside of us. We are bought and owned by Him. Henceforth, we are to be occupied and operated by Jesus for His glory. The apostle Paul declared that he no longer lived but only Christ now lived through his life. Followers of Jesus are to be His identification, His ID, on earth. Thus, "MyJesusID" – Voilà!